The Perfect Multi-Use Moccasins for St. Patrick’s Day

*Pinch*, “you’re not wearing green!”, is a scenario we all LOVE to avoid on St. Patty’s Day. As a result, we don’t want to buy something that (even though it’s green or has green in it and completes the outfit) can’t be used for any other outfit besides St. Patrick’s Day. We want to be able to wear any piece from that outfit mixed and matched with other outfits throughout the year and get more than one use from them. And guess what ladies, these fashion moccasin boots are perfect for that! The beautiful shade of brown suede done up as plain fringe moccasin boots that has incorporated eye-catching decorations of turquoise, beads, and green, blue, and multi colored feathers into the fringe make these perfect for multi-use. Not only are they unique, but gorgeous and stylish making them perfect for many outfits, including that one day of the year outfit for St. Patty’s Day.

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