A guide to buying men’s driving moccasins

Moccasins were once found only on the feet of Native Americans but, they are now a worldwide fashion shoe. The driving moccasins especially, are so popular given their comfort and style. They are comfortable to wear indoors, out with friends, and in the social fashion world too. There are however, various types of these moccasins you should know about.


The men’s driving moccasins are a form of the traditional mocs, made of soft leather and rubber tabs on their soles. The one inch long rubber tabs are meant to allow the driver’s foot to sit on and step on the pedals of the car, while protecting the soft leather of the shoe. Due to their flexibility and comfort, they are preferred for long drives.


These moccasins originated as a traditional footwear of the indigenous American tribes. They were made from deerskin and worn by hunters. They protected the feet while at the same time allowing the wearer feel the ground especially important when hunting. Intricate designs were used depending on the specific purpose of the shoe. Even though moccasins have evolved into very fashionable footwear, the traditional designs are still used.


There are many materials used in making moccasins. And since the main reason men purchase driving moccasins is comfort, you need to consider carefully the material used before spending your money.


Suede is a smooth material made from the split interior of leather hide. It can be worn all year round except during rainy and damp weather. It is more affordable though less durable than full leather.


The most commonly used leather is that of cowhide. It has gone through several tanning processes and is more durable and more expensive than suede.


The other type is deerskin that is easy to distinguish from the others through its many natural scars and scratches the deer got during its life in the jungle. It is very comfortable, soft, flexible and durable.


The other leather type used in making moccasins is moosehide. It is soft and has a buttery texture, making it more comfortable to wear. It may also have scratches and scars, making it easy to detect authentic from fake. It is a very durable material for your shoe choice.


Lambskin, is a material that features a combination of wool fur and leather skin. It is however, quite sensitive to moisture. This makes it a less likely choice for men with an active lifestyle but may be worn by women.


An inexpensive option is synthetic leather. It has the look and feel of genuine leather and can be durable with better moisture resistance than the natural leather.


Other than price and design, one should consider their style too when shopping for the best driving moccasins. The selection is wide ranging, from the simple but classy in solid colors to stylish looks with designs and stitching details, fringes, lace-ups, and buckles. The soles of the shoe also have designs to choose from depending on what you feel like wearing and depending on the designer and manufacturer.