How to choose the right mens moccasins

Unlike women who have a collection of a variety of shoes for every occasion, men have had the hardest time with shoes for centuries. Men usually have one or two pairs of shoes that have felt the weight of time on their feet. As a result, mens moccasins have in the recent past been reintroduced into the fashion world. Here are tips on choosing the right one.

Formal occasion

Normally men’s dress shoes are quite uncomfortable. They have stiff, hard soles and thick, upper leather that, over time, distorts the natural layout of the wearer’s feet. In contrast, moccasins are designed to take the natural shape of your feet, making them very comfortable. Hence, their addition to formal attire.

Dark leather moccasins with a smooth finish are the best for this type of situation. They are indistinguishable from other men’s dress shoes. With their smooth finish they can be polished to give a high sheen.

Semi-formal or casual

Since casual occasions pop up any time, some with hours’ notice, men have it rough choosing what to wear. This makes some men get under-dressed in t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. Others come overdressed in formal shoes or slacks. Mens moccasins are very appropriate for such an occasion, choose that which has a matte finish rather than a polished one. The color also matters, take a dark or lighter earth tone to match most of the casual pants you have.

Lazy days

When you want to have a lazy relaxed day, then mens moccasins are there to provide the style and comfort. They can be worn all through the day, without making you feel squeezed or uncomfortable. In fact, you may feel like you are wearing no shoes at all. When relaxation and comfort are your main concern, there are many styles to choose from. Some have been designed like slippers with a soft lining and very light soles. Some have a light exterior, soft insides and a rugged, durable sole hence making them the perfect choice for all day wear.

Winter wear

Mens moccasins are not only meant for summer but, can also be used during winter. There are styles that have been designed to carter for the wearer’s comfort and additional warmth, making them applicable for winter. These types do cover the entire foot and are lined with wool, fleece, or other insulation materials. Even on the coldest of days, these moccasins will keep your feet warm.

Therefore, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right moccasins for your feet. The first and foremost is comfort and versatility of the shoes. Other providing comfort, the shoes should be strong enough to protect your feet and support comfortable walking. This is followed by the need for style, this is not difficult, and you can easily find the shoes that suit your taste. Consider your personal preference like, finish and color. With the many varieties of moccasins designed, you cannot fail to get one that fits all your need.