Popular styles of womens moccasins

Moccasins are like loafers, they are flat soled shoes made of a wide variety of materials and are an alternative to flat shoes. They are a trendy casual wear that goes well with jeans, a skirt, or trousers. Womens moccasins vary from the casual suede slipper, to leather moccasins that are more dressier and versatile. Additions and decorations can be added on to the moccasins like embroidery, fringe, or a bow. They come in many colors to satisfy every appetite for shoes.

Some types are perfect for wearing indoors to provide the comfort, while also making you feel like you are not wearing any shoes. Some are good for outdoors having fun playing golf or on a boat, while still others will add style to that skirt or trouser. The range is wide for every occasion such as casual, semi-casual, and official.

Slipper moccasins

These can be worn around the house or for very casual outdoors wear, like doing errands. They have very flexible, yet hard soles with the outer parts made of suede material. The inner lining of these womens moccasins are lined with wool or  a synthetic fiber that acts to give warmth during the winter climate. These types of moccasins usually have a bow on the front, and lacing around the top. They commonly are made of a combination of sheepskin and suede with prices varying, depending on the brand and shoe quality.


Loafer moccasins

These are a bit upscale than the regular moccasins. They look more like loafers and can be made of suede, leather, velvet, or patent leather. They can be plain on the top, or be embellished with decorations like studs, laces, bows, or buckles. They may be flannel or cotton lined, unlike the fur lining of the slipper moccasins. They come in a variety of brands, colors, materials and design. They are very comfortable on the feet and can easily replace the regular flat shoe as it has style and class.


Deck shoe moccasins

Styled to look more like boat or deck shoes, these womens moccasins are made more preppy and trendy. They can make a person look great in shorts in a casual setting. They are always made of leather and their lacing goes around the entire shoes ending on the top as a tied bow. They have thicker soles compared to the standard moccasins, since they are made of stronger material. This makes them very good for outdoors wear. Some designers use a combination of leather and suede or just one material.


Moccasin boots


There are the ankle boots that are shorter and taller boots styled to look like moccasins. They both look great with tight jeans or leggings while donning a large sweater, or a loose tunic in cold weather. These boots are available as plain boots or with additions like native American flairs, fringe, fur, multi-coloured parts, and laces. The taller boots may go up to the knee level and come heavily lined to handle the harsh outdoors weather in winter. They are completely flat soled for the simple comfort.